Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ribbon Carousel - May Release

Oh boy - it's been a while since I've been on here. Yuck. My poor blog has been completely neglected.... but, if there ever was a 'half year' resolution - I'm going to have one! Work on my blog!!

Anyway, I'm so happy that we're releasing some new stamp sets over at the Sweet Shop today! Hopefully you've made it here from either

1. Sweet Stamp Shop Blog


2. The Ribbon Carousel Blog

Well, we're having a pretty big celebration for the release today - and I'm so thrilled to show off the new stamp sets... Whew, they are SO cool!

Ready to see the new stuff?!

 Austen Obsessed 

 Weird Love 

Eye Love 

I made this card using the heart in the 'Eye Love' set and the 'Drops Background' from last month

I also used my glittering technique that you can see in this video.... I love this technique and find myself using it ALL THE TIME! 

Here is my card using that glitter technique -

 It ended up looking so nice with the glitter ribbon that I had. It's perfect for just about any occasion, dontcha think?! 

Thanks for stopping by today - I hope you take a moment and head over to the Ribbon Carousel Blog (if you didn't come from there) and if you'd like to see more great release stuff - you can come visit us at Sweet Stamp Shop.

Happy Stamping!

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  1. So sparkly and fun! Love that aqua/teal color too! And for the record your Eye Love card is my favorite from today's post, but I'm heading over to leave some love for my other favorite card too ;)


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